Drilling Rig Wellsites and Mining Equipment Trailers

National Trailer has manufactured a large variety of trailers for use throughout all mining sectors in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northern Canada. From the standard Rig Managers Wellsite trailer and Engineer/Engineer double ended office trailer, to custom designed heavy duty lunch trailers and tool cribs for use in rugged open pit operations, we supply mining and machinery maintenance personnel the right unit for the job. We welcome all opportunities to apply our design and construction skills in creating a trailer that will perform well in your unique setting.

  • Rig Managers Wellsite single ender
  • Rig Managers Wellsite double ender
  • Drilling Rig camps to 24 man
  • Modular Office Complex trailers for remote sites
  • Lunchroom trailers
  • Tool crib trailers
  • Command Centers
  • Engineer/Engineer
  • Engineer/Geologist
  • Geologist - non sleeper
  • On site Medical trailer/ EMT/ Paramedics
  • Safety and site orientation trailers
  • Sleeping Accommodations
  • 4 room Jack and Jills
  • 6 to 8 bed singles
  • Full service camps to 24 man
  • Washcars- single stall to large multi-use